Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Follow the Bride- Episode 3

Inspiration - Where can I find it and how do I get it?

I find that I have so many ideas in my head I can't get them out fast enough. I guess I should see a pattern as this happens in my every day life (mostly when I speak), but for the wedding I thought it would magically all come together. Initially after the engagement, Matt and I sat down and had a brainstorming session in a local park. We shared one of those tiny roundabouts made for much smaller bums than ours, a notebook and a pen. I had been keeping a journal of anything I found inspiring, especially event related, so we found a blank page and I furiously wrote away. We talked about doing something vintage, something unique, something very nontraditional. We outlined food, decor, a possible venue and more and it seemed like we had it all worked out. I spent HOURS and HOURS ploughing through blogs and before I knew it, I was so confused.

As I'm sure you're probably feeling, reading a blog and all, there's a lot of inspiration out there. It's hard not to get excited about the beautiful images and stunning DIY transformations out there. I can't get enough and every time I manage to catch up I add about three more blogs to my list. One thing that helped ground me was seeing pattern in the posts I really enjoyed. Slowly but surely I found myself gravitating towards a wedding that was simple, involved nature, vintage, was very DIY and (hopefully) stylish.

Here's a tip. Create a folder on your hard drive for ANYTHING that inspires you. Trust me, it's best to get yourself organized from the get-go or else you'll get lost in images and inspiration again! Because I blog I started with a folder called blogspiration and I save every image with the name of the blog first and the reason I saved it second. For example,


As your folder builds you'll start to literally see your wedding elements come to life. If you're like me, (I'm a visual learner) physically seeing it in helps me learn and made me feel like I had a better grasp on what I was attempting to accomplish.

Don't forget to branch out. Some of my favourite blogs are not wedding related but are constant sources of inspiration.

Good luck!

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