Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Follow the Bride- Episode 2

Stephanie here again!

In my first episode I mentioned simple.

Simple, but thought out and purposefull. One of the ways in which we accomplished this is with my engagement ring. I knew I wanted something different and special, just like everyone else right? For some reason my fiance and I can't keep secrets from each other.We just get too excited and spill the beans. Knowing this, and knowing it would take some pressure off of him, I sent Matt many options for my engagement ring. This is the beautiful message and beautiful ring he picked out.

Through the wonderful world of blogging I heard about Turtle Love Committee which is where we bought that beauty! This company embodied a lot of what I was hoping for in a ring. I didn't want a nearly identical engagement ring as all of the young women around me. I wanted to find a place where I could find a slightly unusual engagement ring, something with details and not a diamond. Hurray for blogging because otherwise I'd be stuck with something I wasn't truly happy with. We were so impressed with our Turtle Love Committee experience that we'already ordered are wedding bands from them! Although unconventional, every time I look at my engagement ring I'm so happy we decided to go against the grain. In a few weeks I'll show you how beautiful our wedding bands turned out!

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