Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Follow the Bride- Episode 1

Hey! I'm Stephanie and I'm getting married.

It actually feels strange physically typing 'g e t t i n g m a r r i e d', mostly because right now, it doesn't feel real. My fiancee and I are both students so our focus isn't always the wedding, it's usually on finishing our degrees. I'm a graduate of Sociology enrolled in a post-graduate program in Event Management. He's an Anthropology student, working on a thesis and finishing his final year at our University.We're both Canadian.

You see, we met at school. Of course right? We were both involved in school politics and found ourselves each thinking the other was out of their league. Naturally, we got to know each other and soon enough shared our first date and first kiss at our university formal. We've been inseperable ever since, traveling across the pond to England and back again to Canada. Matt proposed to me in a small independent theatre in Bath, England. It was perfect and so very "us". Our story is slightly cliche but our wedding is almost the opposite.

Long before I ever became engaged I was deep in the world of wedding blogging. I'd kept up with my favourite blogger reads daily and couldn't wait to start my own wedding blog when we decided to get married. We had an idea of what we wanted the wedding to be and slowly but surely (and almost by chance) it's coming together. We're attempting to finance the wedding ourselves and are hoping to keep it small and cozy. We've found a fantastic B & B not too far away where the ceremony and reception will take place. I won't give away everything just yet, but let's just say it's a simple, storybook romance. I can't wait to fill you in on all the details and I hope I inspire at least a few readers out there in blogland!

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