Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guest Post: Uses for Calligraphy, Part III

Thank you for stopping by for the last part in our series on calligraphy!

If I haven't caught you on here before, I am Katie from Belles Lettres Designs calligraphy company and Aimee has let me guest post here as she's out on vacation.

A few final uses for calligraphy I wanted to introduce you to are: vows, escort cards, event signs and gift tags.
{Sign for "Gift Cards"}

Signs can be made for anything in your event. I have had request for signs for "Photo Booths" and also signs alerting guest to take a favor or sign the guest book. They add a lot of direction and elegance to special occasions.

{Escort cards on Papyrus paper}

Escort cards are another form of place card. However, they also include the table number. So, escort cards are picked up as the guests enter the reception, and they "escort" the guests to their seats. Whereas place cards tell a guest exactly which seat they will be sitting at and is placed on the table.

{Vows in Roman Bookhand}

Completing a couple's vows in calligraphy is very special. They range from long to short, romantic to funny. You can emphasize and italicize different words or make it more formal.

Well, it has been a pleasure to see you all on here. Please come and check out my website if you need anything calligraphy. I'd love to hear from you! Katie

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