Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking for some help!

Happy Monday all! (That really is an oxymoron and I should just refrain from using that statement ever again, yes?)

We are actually getting very close to the time of year where the studio closes for a few weeks so that I can recharge my very worn out batteries. While I'm gone I have glorious plans of writing ahead in my blog posts so that I can focus on designing during my day. So what does that mean for you?

We are looking for any guest bloggers who want to help out while we are gone. You could be a bride-to-be who wants to chat about your planning. You could be a vendor wanting to share some information or how-to's. You could be a photographer just wanting to share some real weddings. Anyone on any topic. The more variety the better!

In total, I am looking for a total of 12 articles. I will handle the Friday Finds so that leaves 4 days for each week that need to be filled while I'm be gone.

If you are interested, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you! Leave a comment in this post and be sure to link back to your blog so that I can get a feel for your blogging style! Don't be shy....this could be some great exposure for your very own blog and who doesn't love the thought of new followers or subscribers?


Katie said...

I'd love to help (if you'd like) :) Katie

Brandi said...

Hi there.. :) I'd love to showcase some recent weddings here. I've even got a bridal session I just shot that's in a really cool location that I haven't blogged yet that I'd be happy to debut here if you're interested in bridals. My blog is


Things I Like said...

Hallo - I'm heading to a beautiful wedding tomorrow, and would love to share the photos and ideas if you're interested.
my blog is


Unknown said...

I'd be happy to write a post on the art of gift giving. I run a site about gift giving (, and have alot of accumulated observations about the topic.