Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clara & Marc's NYC Inspired Invites

I was waiting for Clara and Marc to actually send these to their guests before posting a preview but now that their guests have received them and they are getting rave reviews, what better time right?

What I loved about this invite was that they really took something meaningful to them and used it as a theme. Loving NYC as much as they do, it was important for them to have an illustrative drawing of Central Park, so we gave them just that. We then spanned the illustration across the entire booklet cover. Because they chose to do a booklet invitation, they were really able to include all of the necessary details of their day into one location, without a lot of loose pieces for their guests to worry about. And the stitched binding is something that added a little handmade touch to the entire package. We kept the text inside the invite very clean and minimal as the focus was really the amazing hand drawn illustration on the cover (which was also replicated onto the backside of their RSVP postcard).

We are currently working with this couple on some reception & ceremony stationery items so be sure to check back later!
Clara & Marc I can't wait to see photos of your amazing wedding! Thanks so much for allowing us to be such a special part of your day!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Aimee again for doing such a fab job! People are still sending us (you really) huge complements and we can't wait to see the other designs you are working on, it's really going to tie our theme and reception decor together!