Monday, June 22, 2009

Treat Your Guests

There are a few ways to incorporate watermelon into your big day without giving your guests something that is going to be crazy messy for you and for them. Nothing says "big giant mess" like a girl dressed in a formal white ballgown downing watermelon and spitting seeds. Of course if the style of your wedding is super laid back, go for it!

I love the thought of incorporating a signature drink into your day and what better way than with a Watermelon Mojito! That makes my mouth water just thinking about it! This recipe from Martha Stewart Food sounds YUM!

If you're thinking that a drink might not appeal to the masses, adding a lovely Watermelon Salad with Rum & Mint would be a delicious prelude to an amazing sit down dinner.

Oh and this just makes my mouth WATER! What a light dessert this Watermelon Gelatin would be to present to your guests before they gorge themselves on cake (or cupcakes)!

Ok now I'm off to eat another piece of watermelon. Its mostly water ya I don't feel so bad about snacking on it whenever I get the chance!

Actually, I'm off to get a root canal so I will be back tomorrow with some more inspiration! Have a HOT day today (seriously its not even 9AM here in Kansas City and its already 82 degrees)!

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