Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Shayla!

Sorry for being MIA the past few days lovelies...its been a little high on the insan-o list these past few days and blogging has been pushed to the bottom of my task list. But for those still reading anything that I have to say, THANK YOU! So I added a new design to our We Design, You Print series in our Etsy shop on Friday. Even though it may not look like it, I was highly inspired by these lovely photos from Eclectic Images:

I chose to keep the colors of the invite image more subtle for the purpose of my Etsy shop but you can see how lovely the watermelon pink looks with a yummy butter yellow!

What other accent colors do you think would look amazing with this hot watermelon pink?


Anonymous said...

We've been out of town and I am just now catching up on all of your fabulous posts!

This is gorgeous. I love the watermelon with the green. Yellow would be awesome too!

I just love this idea, I wish you all the success!

Unknown said...

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