Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An initial concept starts it all....Part 2

The other day I provided some information on how the custom process works. While I focused mainly on custom invitations, the process is basically the same for any of our custom items. Today, I thought I would give a little visual demonstration on an actual custom process and feedback from the client.

Jen and McKee came to us for their save the dates originally. When it came time for the invitations, they had a clear vision of a design and they knew that they wanted it to relate back to their save the dates. Having a clear direction, we began designing using the motif from their save the dates, just in a slightly different arrangement.
While they loved the save the date motif and really liked this design, it didn't have the rustic/vintage quality that they were really looking for. So we went back to the drawing boards and pulled a beautiful illustrative leaf motif that had just the look they were going after. To give them some other options, we played around with the some different fonts and a more bold color statement.
Jen and McKee both agreed that they really loved the leaf motif and they wanted to see some other design options using that motif. To keep the design clean, we kept the color to a minimum and made the leaf illustrative design the focus of the overall design.
At this point, the consesus was that we were definitely getting closer to the look they were after but they both felt that they needed to see this design using more than one color. So we adjusted the color in the design and tweaked some of the text so that it worked better for them and VOILA! We have the final design!
Now that the final design has been selected, its time to work on the remaining elements for their invitation suite. Having a solid invitation design really makes it so much easier to create the coordinating elements.

While this is really only scratching the surface on the process of creating revisions for clients, I hope that it gives you some confidence in how we listen to the clients concepts and changes and apply them to their designs. With every step of the design process, feedback from the client dictates the next move! It really is a collaborative effort on the part of Creative Montage and the client and we think that's what makes this process so special!

Check back later today for a new release into our Etsy shop!

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