Monday, April 6, 2009

An interview with Michael Antonia

First let me say that I am not "ok" with couples using an IPOD at their reception in place of a DJ. If you're working on a tight budget, by all means, go IPOD. But there is something to be said for a DJ who can get every last one of your guests on the dance floor, all night, with awesome loved-by-all music, humerous banter and maybe some quirkiness thrown in for good measure.

And that's where this post comes in...

I did a little Q/A session with Michael Antonia (a talented, creative, funny, innovative DJ based out of LA, who is anything but ordinary), one of the creative efforts behind The Flashdance. Together with the uber talented Max Wanger and the cleverly creative folks at Our Labor of Love, the Flashdance is an eyeful of useful information and inspiration. If you haven't heard of the Flashdance yet, you are behind the times my friends.
1. How long have you been in business?
Since Jan 01 09

2. How did you get started?
Whitney (from Our Labor of Love) and I came up together as event producers and worked in marketing/advertising. I went on to do the touring dj thing while I was in NY, and he and Jesse started Our Labor of Love. One night he and I were talking about how the wedding dj has such a bad rap. Either you're playing second fiddle to a band, or you're some kind of unwilling pop jukebox, or (in my opinion) the worst is the silly celebrity dj! So we set out to bring world class dj talent to weddings and put that way overdue nail in the coffin of the joker with the bad suit who would be booed off any stage in the world.

3. What is the best part of your job?
The best part is that I have the best job! My job is to make really happy people have tons fun on one of the best days of their lives, and I get to do it with music! I am a part of a gigantic celebration where everyone is dressed up, the booze is free, and everone is best friends!! This is like stealing candy from a baby...

4. If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?
Bob Dylan 1965 (no close second)

5. What do you wish you could do differently with your business?
Not one thing. I work with my best friend, I employ all my favorite people and I get to be creative everyday. It kinda rules.

6. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
In 5 years I would like to cherry pick weddings / events without hustling... In 10 years? That is a secret! But let's just say I won't be djing!

7. What would you want customers to know about your services?
My main objective with Flashdance is to convince people that their choice in music requires as much thought, research, and attention as their dress, their table settings, the food, and the shot list for the photographer! I think a lot of people just ask a DJ if they will MC, if they have Michael Jackson, and if they bring a sound system...

Being a great DJ is about reading the crowd and reacting, playing a good record is great, but at the wrong time, or if it is followed by the wrong record even Michael Jackson will fail! This is a huge part of a wedding and probably the hardest one to get right. The DJ is one thing that everyone remembers because they make the final impression of the day. No matter how good you and your new partner look, & no matter how good the food is, if your dj sucks, at your wedding you are going to be really bummed, and that is what peoople will remember!

Thank you so much Michael! If you are searching for a DJ or just a little inspiration, stop by The Flashdance and see for yourself! Be sure to check back tomorrow for Michael's Top 10 Must Play Songs! Maybe some of his selections have made your playlist ;)