Monday, March 16, 2009

Reader Color Question

One of our readers, Sara M. has a color design dilemma.

"Hi there,I'm planning my wedding for late fall, around November and I want my colour pallet to have a lot of royal purple in it. But I'm not sure just how I should do this, Help!Thank you!"

Well Sara, I think you can take a few approaches with royal purple and really its all about the overall feeling you want to convey.

You can take the monochromatic approach and in using royal purple as your base color, add some splashes of other shades of purple. This can be achieved in your flowers, paper products or even by adding sashes or accessories to your ensemble or your maids! I always feel like monochromatic colors are very soothing and laid back.Another option is to punch up the color palette by adding some serious accent colors. Complimentary colors are always a great choice to play up your main color. In this case, the complimentary color would most likely be a great golden yellow color. This will make the royal purple really stand out! Another great option for making the royal purple really pop is to add some chartreuse and teal. Even though these aren't complimentary colors, they still work well together. This is an unexpected palette that would work well for a modern & whimsical affair.
If you are going for a more romantic formal feel for your wedding, royal purple with lots of shimmering gold would be so regal looking!

I hope this gives you some options to think about when planning for your wedding! Does anyone have any other inspiring combinations to share with our reader?

If you have a color or design dilemma, please let me know! I'd be more than happy to help!


honey my heart said...

i love this post of all the purple options :) we are actually using purple and yellow as our colors

Inviting Company said...

I agree, I think the all purple combination will look whimsical! I am personally a sucker for pink and would try to through it in, even if its fall. Your the bride, do what you LOVE most! Even if your mom and mother-n-law don't agree.