Monday, September 1, 2008

The Orient Express

Someday, I would love to take an actual ride on the Orient Express train but I digress...

On Friday, I posted some pretty edgy wedding dresses and asked for some suggestions on which dress you would like to see in an inspiration board. We received one comment so, here is the board with the dress inspiration!Image credits: {Top row: Badgley Mischka via,,}{Second row:, Christian Laboutin via,}{Third row:,,}{Bottom row:,,}

I hope everyone has a safe holiday...I don't know about you but I'm ready to dig into some fall clothing already and I feel like I can think more fall-like once this holiday is overwith! Of course we will be on the beach for the next 2 weeks so maybe fall won't be in the vocab!

Posting will be light over the next 2 weeks, however, I will post a little bit, including what my dream wedding would look like (ok so our wedding was more perfect than I could ask for but I would go in a totally different direction), so be sure to check back periodically!

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*Michelle said...

ooohh - thats fun!!
And different from anything else I've seen. Love it!