Thursday, September 25, 2008

A New Adventure from the Queen of Impatience

So in a post from the other day, I made mention that our some of our pre-packaged invitations were going to be retiring for good, while others will be relocating to our new Etsy shop. A known fact about me, I'm horribly impatient! I just couldn't wait to get going on the new Etsy shop so I've slowly started adding some designs. My goal is to add at least one new design in at least one color way to the new store so be sure to check back everyday!

Here's the catch...with the redesign of the website, it has been insanely difficlt to fit the pre-packaged invitations and order forms for these items onto the site. So the problem has been solved! All of our pre-packaged invitations will be removed from our home site and moved to our Etsy shop! YEAH! SO MUCH BETTER! This will be slow going as we have a lot of files to recreate and update so patience is a must!

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