Wednesday, August 20, 2008


If you're a hige Pixar fan, you will recognize the title of this post :) It happens when you have a 2 year old in the house...Disney=Life.

Anyways, I fell upon this gorgeous photo of tomotoes via MattBites and fell head over heels. The colors are not typical at all and maybe that's why I took on the challenge to create a board using that image as inspiration.

I feel like in using this image as inspiration you can take a few approaches and make the colors applicable to the season your wedding is in...I took the bright and bold punches of color as my lead, which make me think of mid to late summer. I like that the red is not a true red. Its unusual and earthy.

But you could also take the muted approach using a light olive green and pale creamy yellow as your main colors with some muted punches of tomato red or a cream of tomato soup orange for some pizazz. This could easily be suited for late spring or early fall.Image credits {Top row: MattBites, Artfool, Artfool}{Second Row:, Country Living, Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal}{Third Row: Rebecca Thuss,, Ariella Chezar}{Bottom Row: Artfool,,}

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*Michelle said...

hehehe - Name's Mater. Like Tomater without the 'ta! =)
Great board.
Consider yourself a lucky ducky to have the 2 year old excuse. I am just planning my wedding and my blog is riddled with Disney references!