Thursday, July 24, 2008

Travel Details

I couldn't think of a witty title for brain is fried this month!

Anyways...the point of this post is to share some information on how to provide your guests with travel information. We are asked this alot when working with a new client so I figured what better way to share the information.

Whether travel information means just directions or the whole shebang of information such as airline discounts, rental car discounts, hotel accommodations, etc., there are certainly some good options in getting the details out!

1. Save the dates
This is the first glance of your big day for your guests. One way to provide this information is to present your guests with a save the date postcard or notecard. Dress up the front of the postcard or notecard with some pretty details, motifs or photos of you and your fiancee and put the travel information on the backside. If you're working with a tight budget and can't afford the additional cost for duplex printing, see option #2. :)

2. A wedding website
A wedding website not only provides your guests with a plethora of information but it can also reduce your printing costs for save the dates and invitations. Include your wedding website link on your save the date cards to direct your guests to one central location for all things wedding related. This is also a fun way to share information about who you are as a couple....something your guests will probably enjoy! Not everyone will have access to the internet, so it might help to print some sheets out and mail them to those you know aren't going to go to the website.

3. An invitation suite
This is another suitable option for getting the information to your guests. If budget is no issue when it comes to your stationery, you can provide a separate printed sheet for each category of information and you can make it as detailed as you want. If budget contraints are making it impossible to add multiple inserts to your invitation package, have your stationer create one insert that doubles as a reception card and travel information card simply by adding your handy wedding website address to the card. While the etiquette Nazi's probably are against this idea, its 2008 and sometimes you have to be a little creative with the way you present your information to your guests for budget purposes.

Have a great day!

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