Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soft yellow and Delicate platinum

You all know how my heart swoons over yellow and gray/platinum and really every board that I have done in those colors always tends to lean towards a brighter yellow. I was very much inspired by the florals in the top middle photo. Its much more of a creamy yellow but you could certainly infuse some aspects of a brighter yellow to keep the palette from looking washed out.

In the process of creating this board, I designed Greta...she's what I would call a "classic modern" style printed on a soft yellow linen cardstock printed with a pretty platinum design and font. She will be available in other colors for those not keen on this palette. Check the pre-packaged invitation section of our website soon for pricing and ordering information.{Image credits: (top row: InStyle Weddings, Martha Stewart, (middle row: Artfool,, Joan Shum via (bottom row: thoughtful day blog, Steven Dweck via, Martha Stewart Weddings)

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