Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men, Men Men

And that concludes my tribute to Two and Half Men....

Often times, when planning a wedding, its easy to get so wrapped up in the pretty little details that the men sort of get overlooked. So I wanted to share some fun little details that will make the guys stand out just as much as every other detail on your big day.

Cufflinks: These aren't your ordinary cufflinks for sure...they're little pieces of art which is why I think would be fun to give these to your wedding party guys.{Photo credit: KeysAndMemories}{Photo Credit: Anne Holman Jewlery Design}

Socks: You can't go wrong with some ultra hip and funky socks. Stripes, dots, argyle, whatever...Not only are they fun for the guys to wear but they also are striking in photos.{Photo credit: Whitebox Weddings}

J.Crew offers some really fun color combinations in the argyle variety, like these socks from their website.
Or even these from Joy of Socks

Boutonnieres: Sure you could easily go with the traditional real flower variety but how much fun are these little trickets from Etsy?!
{Photo credit: Twigs & Honey}

And this bout is so different that I just had to post it for you to see..{Photo credit: Sweet B Papers}

Shoes: I love the look of men in tuxes wearing Chuck Taylors. Whether they are in a color or just standard black...they just look so sharp in photos and add a modern personal touch to the men in your wedding party!{Photo credit: sparktography}

Ties: This is a great way to add some punch to a dark suit or tux. You can do either all matching ties like this one seen on OR you can have each guy in coordinating tie colors like these gorgeous printed ties from Etsy: {Photo credit: Tie Lab}

With some of these great options, the guys in your wedding party are sure to look as dapper as ever!

Have a great day!

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