Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Herb Garden Inspiration

It sounds cliche but it really is truth to live by: Inspiration CAN be found anywhere.
The inspiration of this board and pre-packaged invitation, came from a simple place, an herb garden. I'm actually a home decor buff (yes I watch HGTV regularly) and I subscribe to the Lowe's Creative Ideas "magazine" that comes out every few weeks (I know, I'm a dork). I've not had much time to peruse them when they actually arrive but something about this particular publication caught my eye. In this magazine there was an entire article about party planning for spring and it included do-it-yourself instructions for a wonderful gift for your guests using herbs. Varying herbs planted into small terracotta pots make fantastic eco-friendly gifts for your wedding guests. But they can also double as placecards. You can achieve this a few different ways:

1. Using chalkboard paint and a stencil make a simple shape, like a square or a circle on the front of the clay pot, and then use chalk to hand write the guest name and table assignment. This is fantastic because guests can wipe the info off of the pot when they get home and write something else in its place.

2. Use popsicle sticks planted into the pot of herbs and hand write guest information, like table assignment and name.

3. Name each table a different herb. Plant the herbs used for your table names into several different size containers per herb and group the same herbs onto one table (make sure you have enough pots for the amount of people at your table). On one of the pots on the outer edge of your centerpiece arrangement, use chalkboard paint and write the name of your herb table so that guests know where to be seated. Intermingle some candles in mason jars for a dramatic lighting effect. For your placecard table, use vintage seed packets with guest information handwritten on the outside.

4. Instead of paper table numbers, how about these beautiful engraved stones from Etsy seller sjengraving?Photo credits: Row 1: seller Iamnotfruit,,,, Row 2:,, Row 3:,,, and Monique Lhuiller via Polka Dot Bride

I love the thought of using varying shades of green and nature inspired accents as the color palette. Add some sprigs of lavender or hints of brown or gray if you want an accent color. I actually can envision this wedding taking place outdoors right before dusk where lots of beautiful white/cream candles in different sized mason jars light the way for guests. Other details can include a bouquet made solely out of herbs or bouts made from herbs. It may sounds strange but carry the theme to your cake and instead of freshcut flowers decorating your dessert, how about some pretty sprigs of herbs? An antique lace dress with a slim silhouette would be the perfect wedding dress and lots of pretty paper lanterns hanging in trees would certainly set the tone.Marjorie will be available in a few different color versions, early to mid-May, as part of our pre-packaged invitations, so check back soon!

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