Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Featured Vendor ~ A Softer Image

As promised, a new featured vendor and this one will not disappoint. This vendor offers a photo package option that includes a custom monogram created by us, and boy has she delivered!

So I present to you Lara Swanson of A Softer Image!1. How long have you been photographing weddings? Since my senior year of college. I studied street documentary photography abroad in Prague, and upon returning to the states knew that I needed to continue to use the skills I learned. Wedding and union photography are extremely similar to street documentary - you're not in control of the people, the light, anything. You just have to make it work, and I love that.2. Do you personally work on each event (or do you have a staff that aids at each event)? Absolutely I do. I also have a rotating crew of photographers who I work with on each wedding; they all have different skills and personalities that match our different clients.3. What types of services do you offer? In addition to photographing the day of, we also love doing other creative portrait sessions (engagement, post-wedding, trash the dress, boudoir, the list can go on and on). We do custom packaging and album design for our clients, and always include high-res images on disk for the couple.4. What do you enjoy the most about what you do? Getting to know our clients. I love developing friendships with our brides and grooms, because it really enables me to do my job on the day of the wedding. I get to understand what their styles and personalities are, as well as what they're looking for from the photos.5. What is unique about your company? I photograph alternative, offbeat, and nontraditional weddings. While I've worked on quite a few more traditional weddings, the weddings who stray from the beaten path are the most fulfilling to photograph. "Nontraditional" can mean so many things to so many different people; it's wonderful to see couples' interpretations of what their union will look like.6. What is the most unique wedding that you have photographed? Probably the Civil War reenactment wedding. Definitely the most unique! But also, we recently photographed a wedding in a planetarium - it provided interesting lighting challenges and was a lot of fun to work.7. What is your best piece of advice to brides searching for a photographer? Find someone who you really get along with, whose personality you like. You're going to be working closely with them throughout one of the most intense days of your life - make sure you like them as much as you like their photographs!
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Lara Swanson

Thanks so much for sharing with us Lara!

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