Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chock Full of Inspiration

I do a lot of blog reading and web surfing during the course of a day. As a designer, its important for me to see what is out there in terms of trends and such and what better way then to get some personal reviews from blogs. So I thought it would be nice to share some of the sites that I’ve come across by way of blogs.

Etsy: If you aren’t familiar with Etsy and all of its glory, I highly recommend you check it out. Not only does the site have a fabulous wedding section but it has tons of clever and artistic little pieces of art. And by art, I don’t just mean the kind you hang on your wall. Everything from jewelry to stationery, clothing to furniture, it’s like a trendy Soho store online. As an artist in my former life, I makes me really happy to see artists selling their work in a place like this, so go check it out!

Blurb Books: There are so many uses for the books that you can create on this site. Not only can you upload your wedding photos, but the reasonable prices make it a fantastic way to document your wedding planning journey. If you’re a wedding planning blogger, you can actually upload your blog pages and have it printed into a book. Are you a top notch cook with tons or recipes scattered all over your house? Put them together in a Blurb book. Love it! As an avid digital scrapbooker, this site is a fabulous find.

Matthew Mead Productions, Inc.: This site is nothing short of fantastic. Its filled to the brim with clever do it yourself ideas for every occasion. I could look at this site all day makes me want to plan my wedding all over again!

Big Huge Labs Palette Generator: As a designer, color plays such a key role in my daily activities. This site allows you to upload your favorite photo and it pulls the colors out of the photo. When customers now send me inspiration photos, I am able to duplicate the colors for them without any discrepancies! This is a great resource if you are having a hard time choosing your colors.

What are your secret finds? What sites do you love to look at, either for their products or inspiration of some other sort?

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