Monday, February 11, 2008

What goes around comes around…

Fact: One third of all wood harvested in the U.S. is used for paper products, which in turn leads to 100 million tons of waste each year.
Fact: For an average invitation set of 50 invites, RSVP cards and envelopes, that’s 200 sheets of paper consumed with a lot of waste!!
Solution: Whenever possible, use recycled paper.

“Green” is the new theme for weddings in 2008, that’s undeniable. As someone in an industry where paper consumption is a way of life, I knew that I had to find a way to create eco-friendly options for those “green” brides and grooms out there. Plus, I have a 16 month old daughter and I want her to have a clean environment to play in and what better way than to not only start in our home but in my business too. I am actually very proud to be offering recycled papers as an option in our custom invitation and custom paper save the date packages. Eco-friendly paper companies are still catching up to the needs of the invitation industry, so limited sizes and shapes are available. But my hope is that they will start to recognize the need in this particular industry and offer the large array of items that standard paper companies currently offer.

Recycled paper options will be available on our custom price quote form by the end of this week, so check back soon for pricing!

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