Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Featured Vendor ~ Eclatante Event Designs

I have done some work for this featured vendor and she has some really creative ideas. So I was really excited to feature her on this blog. So please welcome Kendall Brown from Eclatante Event Design, LLC! I asked her a few questions and this is what she had to say....

1.How did you get started in this business?
I was an attorney in big law firms for years and had also worked as a lobbyist in Washington DC. I’d been doing large fundraisers forever and I absolutely loved it. One of the biggest complaints I had as a lawyer was that the most creative thing I did all day was get dressed. After planning my own multi-dimensional wedding, I found myself in a very unique position. My new husband and I were on our honeymoon when he commented that he had never seen me happier than when I was inundated with the details of planning our wedding – even though I was on trial the whole last month before the wedding. He and I came to the conclusion that I could now take the risk of stepping out on my own and doing something from my heart. I was able to put my organization skills and creativity to work for real. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

2.How long have you been in the wedding/event planning business?
A little less than two years…it’s been unbelievable!

3.Do you personally work on each event (or do you have a staff that aids in the coordination and execution of events)?
I personally work on each event AND I have a staff that aids in the coordination and execution of events. I always take the lead in designing the event and assisting with the client’s selection in vendors. I create a “blueprint” and/or a story board for the event, then I bring on my assistant, Tina (she’s awesome!) to keep track of all the follow up and make sure that everyone stays on track. She’s a personal trainer so you can just imagine how good she is at keeping everyone motivated! At the end, I’m there, she’s there, and we often have others there to deal with different pieces of the puzzle. It’s a wonderful, complicated process!

4.What types of services do you offer?
Unlike when I was practicing law, what I do now is very subjective. I have found that no two clients want or need the same things. So I offer services that range from full, comprehensive designing, planning and managing every single detail from the date of engagement to ”same month” services which includes shoring up the last minute details regarding the transportation and hotel accommodations for members of the family and guest, creating vendor and family itineraries, designing and making hospitality bags for out-of-town guests, as well as tracking invitations and create seating charts and a myriad of other things that insure that on the day of the wedding, everyone is confident that all the details are taken care of.

5.What do you enjoy the most about wedding planning?
No two weddings are alike and that allows me to have a very interesting life. People have such diverse ideas and priorities. It is great fun to see what we can come up with just by listening to what is important to the couple and who they are and where they’ve been. Hearing their stories is absolutely essential to creating a truly unique and personal wedding. I’m a total romantic so I’m pretty much in heaven every single time a wedding that was designed to reflect the true nature of the relationship between a bride a groom comes together.

6.What is unique about your company?
Eclatante’s service is highly personal and attentive. Our events are custom designed one detail at a time with our clients foremost in our minds. We meet with each client and prepare blue prints and storyboards to make sure that each detail of the wedding works with every other detail. Plus, we encourage a “team approach” with all of the vendors so that on the day of the wedding, everyone has one objective foremost in their minds and it matches perfectly with the clients’ objective. The team approach is the one way to make sure that everyone is always on the same page and the wedding and reception are perfectly seamless

7.What is the most unique wedding that you have worked on?
So not fair! I truly do mean it when I say that every single wedding is unique. I think the reality is that “traditional” brides just don’t call me. I really only get calls from brides who want something that doesn’t look like the wedding they just went to. The truth is I have never arranged for a receiving line. Not once. I’ve never had to leave room in the timeline for a bouquet toss or for the garter to be removed. I don’t know why my brides reject those notions, but I can tell you that they must all be calling someone else!

8.What is your best piece of advice to brides planning their special day?
I must say that it’s to focus on why you’re there. The most important words you will ever hear spoken to you will be said to you on your wedding day. It is so important to tune out all the other noise. At that incredible moment, nothing matters but what he is saying to you. Please look at him and listen to his words. There is nothing about the flowers or your dress or anything else that is more important than that. (See? I told you I’m a romantic!)

If you are looking for a wedding/event planner in the Philly area, please contact:
Eclatante Event Design, LLC

Eclatante is located in the Philadelphia suburbs – they design and plan events in Philadelphia (and the surrounding area), Delaware, New Jersey and New York City.

Thanks for sharing some inspiration with us Kendall!

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