Thursday, January 17, 2008

Out with brown and in with gray?

Well its true. My favorite color is going by the wayside to make room for a more modern color: gray. While at first I was a little hesitant to accept this detail, I’m really beginning to embrace it. At first, it was hard to imagine what colors could coordinate with gray. I’m so used to black or brown that I had a hard time adjusting. In fact, my entire home is decked out in some form of brown so this was a shock to my system.

Once I started looking for color inspiration, I realized that almost anything can be used in combination with gray. Pair a platinum gray with a chartreuse green and you have a modern color combination that’s different and edgy. Pair it with a light dusty blue color and you have a more modern take on a winter wedding. Really, your options when using gray, are limitless. Whether used as an accent color or as your main color, you just can’t go wrong. Bright accents looks amazing next to this color but so do pastels. So much to play around with that I really have to pace myself!

Say hooray to gray and stay tuned for some pre-packaged invitations using some of these hip new color combos!

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